Out of the Blue:Return to Aria Ridge ©

A timely ecologically-themed love story with potent "magical-realism" elements. Two young lovers from Aria Ridge are reincarnated in modern day Massachusetts. Utilizing hidden memories and fueled by their connection, they must use all their abilities to thwart an environmental disaster with the hope of awakening the very conscience of corporate America.

Return to Aria Ridge has been selected as one of the Spirited Woman Top 12 Summer Book Picks. (available at Amazon)

The Buzz and Sparky Road Show ™

A good-feel, funny animated short released in 2009

Meet Buzz and Sparky! Follow them as they ride the New Vibe to Aaahs!

Featuring a series of recorded performances. The ongoing adventures of two very unusual buddies and those they encounter in their travels.

Catch Buzz and Sparky   (Episode One) on YouTube
Buzz and Sparky
"The Road Show"
In our first episode we find new friends Buzz and Sparky meeting in a night stand in Ida's bedroom. They are committed to their relationship with her and obvious dedication to being in the service industry. After a long, heart-felt, conversation with Ida they embark on their new adventure on the open road.

Coming soon!!!
Episode Two - "Mitchy and Swishy"
Buzz and Sparky meet Mitchy and Swishy and take an impromptu right turn towards the mysterious destination of "AAHHS"!

Adult Theme

Watch an interview with Trudy about Buzz and Sparky from the 2011 Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival (POWFest).

out of the blue... the beginning ©

Out of the Blue ©

A timeless love story with environmental overtones. Opening on the lost continent of Atlantis, 'Out Of the Blue' is the story of a father's love for his daughter, and the sacrifices he must make to win back her love. The poignant tale about the spiritual re-birth of corporate America.

"Out of The Blue" - Recipient of Monaco International Film Festival's 2008 Angel Film Screenplay Award

"Out of The Blue" - Recipient of Moondance International Film Festival's 2008 Calypso Award for Feature Screenplay

"Out of The Blue" - Finalist in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival's Screenplay Competition


Greetings From The Other Side ™

An Evening with Ida Levy and Friends ™

'A hilarious, must-see, one-woman show starring Trudy Happ as Ida Levy.'

"The mosaic. Pieces not so neatly fit together. The grout is the human experience, the filler that connects the personas. We travel lifetimes to enrich our very own story. Piece by piece, lesson by lesson, the storyboard is created. The end is really our beginning. We stand alone, fully supported by the universe."