TRUDY HAPP is a writer and actress from California. She wrote, co-directed and performed in a one-woman show entitled "Greetings From The Other Side, An Evening With Ida Levy and Friends".

Inspired by Dr. Patch Adams, Trudy travelled to Russia in 2008 with her thirteen year-old son, Lukas, to work with Dr. Adams and other dedicated clowns visiting hospitals and orphanages to spread healing through humor.

Trudy's dream is to be a global ambassador of Laughter and Love.
Her screenplay, "Out of the Blue", co-authored by Mark McQuade-Crawford, speaks directly and loudly towards our personal and corporate accountability with what is happening to our blue planet.

"We travel lifetimes to enrich our very own story. Piece by piece, lesson by lesson, the storyboard is created."

Trudy has three children, Erik, Nikolette, & Lukas, and three four dogs. She lives in Ojai , California with her beloved "Murph".